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Castle Water

The UK’s leading independent business water supplier

Castle Water supply hundreds of thousands of businesses, charities and public bodies throughout England and Scotland and as the UK’s largest independent retailer, they are the ideal partner for all your water and wastewater needs.

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Ethics in Investment Banking
by John Reynolds

"Reynolds and Newell have produced a well-informed assessment of the multiple ethical issues that investment bankers must confront. With an insider’s view of the industry as well as expertise in applied ethics, they focus on the critical differences between compliance and ethics. The result is a no-nonsense book full of practical and workable solutions to ethical problems. Ethics in Investment Banking could not be more timely, making it very clear that there is no excuse for the absence of a strong ethical foundation to investment banking." Lord Myners

“Whether banks, including especially investment banks, lost their moral and ethical compass, as well as vast amounts of shareholders' capital, is a fair question to ask in the wake of the financial crisis. What is clear is that sustainable returns in banking can only be achieved if banks act fairly and responsibly to their key stakeholders. This book makes an important contribution to considering this question.” Sir Philip Hampton

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Sharing Profits: the Ethics of Reumuneration, Tax
and Shareholder Returns

“for those seeking to exercise ethical decisions as investors, directors, or advisers, it should become a much consulted textbook” Peter Day, presenter of In Business on BBC Radio 4 and Global Business on the BBC World Service

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